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Christmas is more than two months away but some are already getting in the holiday spirit.

For more than 70 years, the Marine Corps has spearheaded the Toys for Tots Campaign in the United States. The campaign collects toys to give to children during the Christmas holiday.

Even though it’s just the beginning of October, collecting those toys is in full swing in Pocatello. And today, there is a Stuff-A-Bus toy collection drive in the City of Pocatello building parking lot.

Local business and school districts joined the effort to make sure enough toys are collected now to give to children who will need them in a couple months.

For those involved in the campaign, seeing the community come together makes all the hard work worth while.

Stuff-A-Bus organizer Russell Briney says, “This community is the most giving and charitable of any place I’ve ever been. It’s like, I go down and want a donation for something and I think, ‘Well, maybe they gave more than they really could,’ and then they turn around and then they donate more, and then they donate more on top of that. So, everything they donate. It’s just fantastic!”

The bus will be in the City of Pocatello building parking lot until tonight. To learn more about where you can donate or how you can help the Toys for Tots Campaign, call the Toys for Tots Coordinator at 208-598-8697.

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