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READING, Pa. – The Berks County District Attorney is pulling out all the stops, to get to the bottom of what led to two children dying in a hospital, one week after they were found unconscious in their home on Route 143 in Albany Township.

“We want to find out what happened,” District Attorney John Adams said. “We have to be very careful in this investigation and we want to get to the truth.”

Eight-year-old Conner Snyder and his sister, 4-year-old Brinley, were rushed to the hospital last Monday. They died on Thursday, just minutes apart. Now authorities say a “Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Team” will meet in the coming weeks, which is a state requirement for these sorts of cases. The purpose is to review the children’s prior history.

“They are very, very difficult cases,” Adams explained.

Adams says he may call on other resources, including the county’s multi-disciplinary investigative team and the attorney general’s medical/legal advisory board. The first, would involve a meeting between law enforcement, pediatricians, and other relevant agencies. The latter, includes the examination of medical records, autopsy reports, and discussions between prosecutors, investigators and caseworkers.

“We rely on all of those professionals when we are investigating any crime that involves a child,” Adams said.

Adams says this investigation is still in the early stages, and additional resources can be helpful.

“These are tools in our toolbox. We’re gonna utilize these tools if need be,” Adams said.

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