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WAYNE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) – A community is mourning the loss of a mother who was killed Monday in a car crash.

A community is mourning the loss of Tasha Justice, a mother who was killed in a car crash.
Friends say Tasha Justice was known as a loving mother.

“She was a good Christian woman,” neighbor Pharon Cyrus said. “She went to church all the time.”

Cyrus lives across U.S. 52 from Justice’s house in the Glenhayes area of Wayne County. He says he was inside watching TV when he heard a loud collision.

“It sounded like a bomb went off,” he said.

He says Justice’s vehicle had been T-boned as she’d been pulling out of her driveway onto 52.

“I saw smoke coming out of her vehicle,” he said. “It started burning. I called 911.”

Cyrus says two children got out of Justice’s car. Deputies say Justice was the mother of one of them.

“They climbed out the window,” he said. “They were bruised pretty badly.”

Justice didn’t survive.

“I turned white when I went up there and saw who it was,” Cyrus said. “It tore me all to pieces.”

Cyrus says it’s heart-wrenching to imagine the children being stuck with the horrible memory.

An accident investigator is working to determine what happened.

After the tragedy, neighbors are urging those who travel on U.S. 52, which is notorious for speeding, to be more cautious.

“I beg people to slow down and be cautious, because one glance off, you could have a wreck and kill someone,” Helen Sagraves, who lives across from Justice’s home, said.

Deputies say nobody witnessed the accident.

The man driving the other vehicle was taken to the hospital.

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