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While perusing the morning paper the other day, I came upon two letters in the Opinion page that seemed rather sad when taken in light of our country and planet’s current problems.

The one by B K Brooks deserves comment only to the extent by which an individual can twist, skew, and totally falsify facts to fit his/her concept of “truth.”  As has been said, politics does have the tendency to bring out best and the worst in all of us.

Then there was the piece written by Donald White ridiculing our younger generation for their concern over the ever-increasing damage to our planet brought on by climate warming.  Regardless of all the scientific and visual documented data to the contrary, there are those who continue to deny that such damage is occurring.  And if it is, it is not the fault of anything we humans have done or are doing.

Such denials would be almost amusing were they not so tragic. This octogenarian has nothing but praise for our younger generation who have the courage and the foresight to see and comprehend what the results will be if something is not done now to change the way civilization currently functions.  We love our conveniences and our toys, but in the hope that our younger generation can enjoy such conveniences that we now enjoy, this planet must begin utilizing energy sources other than coal and gas.

— Steve Wolfe, Chico

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