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Kids will suffer till union,
county reach agreement

Re: “Union representing 12,000 Santa Clara County workers to strike Wednesday” (, Oct. 1):

Any strike by the workers of Santa Clara County because of the failure of the county and SEIU Local 521 to reach an agreement will have dire consequences for children currently being physically, sexually and emotionally abused and children being dangerously neglected, as well as those already being served in the child protection system.

More calls reporting suspected abuse will fail to be captured and go un-investigated as trauma continues to accumulate doing more harm and making healing more difficult. Current cases will go unsupervised allowing worsening problems that could have been prevented or remedied. Relatives and foster homes taking care of abused and neglected children will go unsupported.

The responsibility for any harm to children caused by a strike will be shared by both the county and the union. Prevent it. Sit at the table until the deal is done and the community and its children will thank you.

Steve Baron
Santa Clara County Child Abuse Prevention Council

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