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OMAHA, Neb. — An event at the Holland Center Sunday brought some scares and some well-deserved smiles to children with special needs. The Omaha Symphony teamed up with the program Kids and Cops to put on Symphony Spectacular: the Haunted Hall.

The show, activities and trick-or-treating was open to the public, but children with severe illnesses and disabilities with the Kids and Cops program got special VIP treatment and free tickets to the show.

“We’re here to help people and we help people in different ways,” Officer Katie Rath with the Omaha Police Department said.

Children had the opportunity to hang out with the officers and for a moment forget their medical dilemmas. For Lacey Roff and her two daughters, things aren’t always easy.

“Both of my children are developmentally delayed. They were born premature and then my daughter Zoe here has hypo-plastic left heart syndrome. She also has short gut,” attendee Lacey Roff said. “And to be able to get away and not think about all the things that we have to think about everyday, meds and making appointments and the hustle and bustle of everything, just to enjoy being a normal child is great.”

The officers also took the opportunity to help the children in any way that they could.

“So them to just take timeout of their busy schedule and their busy days is amazing,” Roff added.

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