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Published on Tue, 10/01/2019 – 4:28pm

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


It is difficult to determine, in reading Roger Koopman’s Sept. 27 attack on Livingston students and educators, if his opinion is that of a Montana Public Service Commissioner, an authority on education or simply a self-appointed truant officer. His diatribe makes it obvious that he isn’t much of a climate change scientist.

$11,000 per student per year? What a bargain! The “state” pays 10 times that for each PSC commissioner.

Montana’s five PSC commissioners are currently appealing a court decision that overturned their decision to essentially kill Montana’s solar and wind alternative energy investments. Perhaps Mr. Koopman has editorial motive other than classroom attendance concerns.

We owe our youth a great deal of respect for their integrity and effort to require an intelligent, proactive, and unified response to climate change. Keep involved, kids. You are front-page news. Mr. Koopman, on the other hand, got more space than he deserved at the bottom of Page 4.

Jerry Brekke

East of Livingston

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