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KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – Troopers from Kentucky State Police Post 10, talked to parents and grandparents during the Knox County Extension Office’s Relatives Raising Relatives class.

Groups asked troopers to talk during the class, as more grandparents and other relatives are raising kids. One of the reasons is parents dealing with drug-related problems.

“There are kids that come from families that have that issue, and most of us know somebody that does,” said Delisa Estes, Lay Elementary Family Resource Coordinator. “So, we want to educate our grandparents and relatives who are raising children, ‘here’s what to look for.'”

Some of the new ways kids are hiding drugs are difficult for experts to point out, even more so for people that do not know what to look for.

“The drugs that they had when they grew up, is totally different than the drugs that we have now,” said Trooper Shane Jacobs.

Those drugs are often easier to conceal and can be hidden “in plain sight.”

Not only are they easily hidden, but it is hidden in everyday culture. Many of the ways kids are hiding drugs are things that can be easily concealed or mistaken for everyday items.

One of the easiest items that school administrators have problems with is vape pens, that often look like flash drives or other school-related supplies.

“My granddaughter came to me and said that there was kids up there vaping. And, I didn’t know what it was, meant it meant or any of the names,” said Cynthia Marchese.

The Knox County Extension Office has classes for the Relatives Raising Relatives program on the first Wednesday of each month.

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