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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB)- West Lawn Elementary School kids got a life saving lesson Friday by the Grand Island Fire Department. For Fire Safety Month, firefighters are traveling to schools to show kids how they can escape from their bedroom that could be filling with smoke.

As part of Fire Safety Month, the Grand Island Fire Department is teaching kids how to escape in the case of a fire. (KSNB)

“Some of them get a little antsy with that and a little scared,” Captain Jim Hale said. “We reassure them it’s not going to hurt them but real smoke will and so it shows them, gives them the visual to use to get out of their home safely.”

In their fire safety house they stuff a blanket under the door as the room fills with a fake smoke. Then climb out a second story window and run to their meeting spot. It is something firefighters said kids need to teach their families in case the worst happens.

“We want them to do that when they’re at their home and they have a meeting place so when we arrive on scene we can know if there are any other people in the house and then we can do all our efforts towards getting the people out because the people is what matters. The people are out then we can deal with the fire,” Capt. Hale said.

They also work with the younger kids while in their full gear so they won’t be afraid of them if they encounter them outside of school.

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