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BARBOUR COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) — Multiple programs are coming together in Barbour county to combat the problem of children using addictive drugs.

An alliance formed between the Barbour County Health Department, New Vision Renewable Energy, and members of the community, is taking action to keep drugs out of the hands of children.

The alliance is rightfully title “Bright Futures”.

Officials have taken surveys and conducted research to develop a plan for their cause.

A meeting was held Monday evening for Bright Futures to discuss their work with members of the community.

From their findings, they have turned their focus to the children. More specifically, trying to limit the children’s contact with drugs as much as possible to decrease their chances of becoming addicted later in life.

The Barbour County Health Department’s administrator, Annette Santilli was in attendance and said that if children were more involved with afterschool activities or personal hobbies, they are less likely to be tempted by addictive substances. She also said its the adults in the children’s lives that will be most influential in setting them on the right path.

“Parents and teachers and other folks in the community just taking a more active role and make sure kids are involved in things rather then leave them alone and ‘yea they might try these addictive substances,'” said Santilli.

The next step for Bright Futures is to offer afterschool buses for the children. Santilli said transportation is a huge obstacle when trying to get the kids involved. With afterschool buses, parents wont have to go out of their way to drive and carpool, thus allowing more kids the option to take part in activities.

Santilli also added that everyone who attended the meeting Monday night all had kids. This only makes them more determined to do everything they can to make sure their safety from the affects of heavy drugs.

“My daughters 15, and so obviously I want to do everything I can to make sure she has a good life.”

Bright Futures is not only looking to help children however. With the help of a grant from the Health Resources and Service Administration, they also put together a website that provides resources for prevention, treatment, and recovery for all Barbour County residents.

Bright Futures is still going over their budget to see what plans they will be able to afford and put into action.

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