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“Abominable” is a perfectly adequate kids movie that you’ve probably seen dozens of times before.

The new animated Dreamworks movie doesn’t have anything new to say or to add to the already voluminous library of cartoons to keep young children distracted. “Abominable” is a simple, clean cut, few frills movie that maybe has a neat visual here or there.

If your children are dying to see an animated movie about the cold, you’re probably better off waiting until “Frozen II” in November.

The synopsis for “Abominable” is pretty familiar: A lonely young child befriends a friendly monster and they go on a magical adventure together. Throw in some comedic sidekicks and a dastardly villain and you’ve got both “Abominable” and dozens of other movies and TV shows about kids and monsters.

If you want specifics, this one is about a girl named Yi who meets a Yeti and takes him from her home in China all the way to Mount Everest. That is a journey of several thousands of miles, but “Abominable” is the sort of movie that doesn’t really try to explain how Yi and her pals can make such a journey without foods, supplies or anything more than their magical monster friend.

Magic takes care of everything.

The kids in the audience aren’t going to worry about the logistics, so the movie just doesn’t care about them.

Suffice to say, “Abominable” is not the sort of kids movie that includes something to keep parents occupied. The jokes, plots and storylines never rise above the most obvious, the most friendly and risk-free. Everyone is always happy and magical, except for the few moments of tension to make it seem like the bad guys might actually win this time.

They don’t. The good guys win, everybody lives happily ever after, and hopefully the children in the audience were able to stay quiet for the whole runtime. “Abominable” doesn’t have much else to offer.

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