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  • Common lies parents tell kids include “We’re out of cookies,” “This is the best drawing I’ve ever seen,” and “The tooth fairy brought that.”
  • Psychology professor and director of Barnard’s Center for Toddler Development Dr. Tovah Klein says helping children deal with disappointment is usually better than lying to them.
  • Klein also says complimenting the effort a child put into something is better than passing judgment and saying it’s the best.
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Parents have been known to fib to their children on occasion, whether it’s to avoid tantrums, spare their feelings, or skirt around difficult topics such as death. 

Insider asked psychology professor Dr. Tovah Klein, director of Barnard College’s Center for Toddler Development and author of “How Toddlers Thrive,” about common lies that parents tell children and how much harm, if any, those little white lies cause.

Here are 10 common lies parents tell kids.

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